Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Miggie Boy! (One and a half year old Miggie) (One and a half Miggie) (One and a half Miggie) (Two year old Miggie) (Study time with Grandma- Miggie @ 4 y.o.)

That is his favorite hat made by Grandma. He wears it everywhere including inside the house. :)

Miggie is Grandma's "cookie monster"

Miggie at 2 years old called Mommy Patch one day " Look Mommy...I made a train!"

"Look Mommy, I'm strong!"

Our little monk :) "I love banana!"


Miggie is such a intelligent little boy. He continues to impress us with his "quick mind", "thoughts", "ideas" and "knowledge". In his kindergarten report cards, there are academic areas that graded him "exceeds" expections. I, his Dad and grandparents are so much amazed with his "strong memory", hard work and determination in learning things.  Keep it up  Miggie! 


Christmas 2015 - Philippines

The Best Parents

"Pabs and Patch"

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Happy Birthday, Valerie on February 26!

Here I am featuring my little sister Valerie Jovy Person Dulam for and on celebration of her birthday! Many years had passed, watching her grow, she is the same individual with refined character. I say refined by reason of being consistent in the principle and standard of womanhood as well as in principles of a fulfilling life despite difficulties and trials. 

Valerie was named after our great grandmothers Valeria and Jovita. 

I actually have a lengthy list to talk about her. But, I will just mention those that made me admire her  so deeply. 

I remember after graduating in high school, she has to postpone college because of our family financial crisis. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she chose to find a job. For a year or so, she worked as a dentist's assistant. Now, Val is one of the most diligent persons that I know in this world. During this time also, she spent her spare time in developing talents in music. Through patience and hard work, she became a very good pianist. I am a witness of her faith. She has developed the skill through her own personal studies and efforts. She goes to the chapel to practice because we did not own a piano. 

In life, I noticed that the big blessings that we hope to obtain, comes when we least expected them. I would say, a heaven's surprise. The Lord knows our righteous efforts and desires. He knows our sacrifices. He knows what we have been through. 

Valerie's turn to go to college came. She has worked very hard to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. She also passed the board exam to become a licensed/registered nurse. 

For the many tender mercies the Lord has shown unto Val, she decided to serve a full time mission for our church. She was assigned in the Philippines Bacolod Mission. And yes, she returned home with honor. 

After a year, she met Bernie Dulam. Short and sweet as they fell in love with each other. They both served in Bacolod Mission but did not get to meet each other while in the field. Bernie is also a registered nurse which actually was a turned off to Val for she prefers someone with a different profession. But you see, love conquers everything. In the end, they got married in the Cebu LDS Temple. 

Today, Val is loving being a full-time wife and mother to their daughter Charlize.  She and Bernie are also devoting their time as presidents of young men and young women in their stake.

I myself admit that Val is such a big inspiration for me. I feel so blessed for the good example she is to me. I am a witness of the many good decisions she has made in her life. She has accomplished a lot. 

Best wishes,
Ate Irene